Sunkin Greenwater Flower
Greenwater Flower covers an area of about 350 thousand square meters, construction area of about 700 thousand square meters, the volume rate of 3 and greening rate of 35%. It is planning a total of more than 50 residential products, composed of multi-storey, high-rise and stage of the villa, a total of more than 4300 households. Greenwater Flower is divided into three stages of development. The first stage is located in the south of Guihua Road, the main building is high-rise which has been submitted on schedule in December 2016. The second stage is sold currently, the main building is multi-storey and high-rise, which area is in the range of 79 to 126 square meters and the total of 2777 households.

Floor space: 355728 square meters
Pot ratio: 3
Greening rate: 35%
Parking: A total of 1664 parking spaces, including 270 on the ground floor and 1394 on the underground floor.
Total homes: 4300
Management: Sunkin property
Address: Intersection of Heilongjiang Middle Road and Wangsha Road, Chengyang, Qingdao
Tel: 0532 8088 8088
Selling: The construction area of about 79-85 square meters with two bedrooms. The construction area of about 86-126 square meters with three bedrooms.
Traffic condition: take the bus line 103, 106, 109, 111, 129, 131, 312, 371, 372, 503 to Shanshuijiayuan Station.

Assistant Facilities:
Middle and primary school: Danshan primary school, Guokai middle school, No.17 Chengang middle school
Kindergarten: Community Kindergarten, Best Kindergarten
Hospital: The new Taikang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine
Bank: CCB ATM, CEB ATM, CMBC self-service bank for 24 hours, ICBC ATM
Shopping Mall: Wanda plaza Licang, ROCK CITY, Oriental Castle, Commercial Street in Greenwater flower
Garden: Ten Mei Scenic Area, Plum Garden, The ancient city ruins park


Sunkin Greenwater FlowerProject Introduction
High-rise, multi-storey, villa
Intersection of Heilongjiang Middle Road and Wangsha Road, Chengyang, Qingdao
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