15 September, Wyndham Qingdao rebranding for one year
release time:2016.09.18 Page View:1171


      Windham Qingdao is located in the north of Qingdao City, it is a transportation junction for reaching to the downtown center, which only takes 10 minutes to drive to the airport. Hotel provides a special experience in the business and leisure five star hotel with the unique European-style garden and fountain landscape, perfect rooms, dining, conference and leisure facilities, as well as the personalized service. In this year, Wyndham Qingdao received more and more support and recognition by our customers from all over the world.
      For the future, Wyndham Qingdao will always creative a fantastic Wyndham trip with the service culture of "To be RESPONSIVE to your needs; To DELIVER a great experience" as we promised.

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