“The real estate vane in Qingdao”
release time:2016.10.11 Page View:1273
the housing overall upward
      The most expensive real estate at Yichang road of North of city is born at 20th July, 2016 and the house rose a lot, clinch a deal in two months. On September 19, high-tech zone land Kings, triggered the mass increase of Qingdao housing market for the second time this year. Under the housing overall upward trend, the house price in Qingdao is continue to move north ten thousand yuan line!

“North Drift”, the value of Heilongjiang Road prominented
      "North drift" originally refers to the group of working hardly and wandering in Beijing, but without a Beijing hukou, but Now, there is a group of "north drift", the opposite is that this group of "north drift" has an enviable quality of life. They walk before ten thousand yuan line, spend less money, give yourself a better life.

      From the Qingjiang road, to Xindu heart to Hexi, to Wanda, and Wang port....It seems that the heilongjiang road, connect the tracks of the north island city house price ten thousand yuan line along the regional value is highlighted. There's little doubt that, with ten thousand yuan line moved to the next $ten thousand, will be along the heilongjiang central rise one after another!

Greenwater Flower is await you
       Sunkin Greenwater Flower is located at the south of Chengyang, the juncture between Heilongjiang road and Wangsha road. With superior natural environment, near Sunkin Oriental Castle and Sunkin Wyndham Hotel, the transportation is convenient and attracted numerous real estate customers
      Sunkin Greenwater Flower sell 388 sets in Sep. and raised a wave of new home buyers, the golden waterway of ten years ago, after twenty years ago the fushan, Sunkin Greenwater Flower is recognized by the social from all walks of life. Under a ten thousand yuan zone, will rise in this!
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