Sunkin Group Annual Report

Sunkin group has been a awarded “National real estate warded “Economically Leading Corporation” and “Service Industry Leading Corporation” by Chengyang district; Top grade credit given by Qingdao National Taxation, “Integrity Leading Corporation” by Qingdao Industrial and Commercial Bureau, “Advanced corporate culture” by Qingdao city and “Charity Leading Corporation” by several charity organizations in Qingdao.

Aug 2011

Chengyang Charity Association
donation of 25 million RMB

July 2013

Shandong Charity Association
Charity Leading Corporation

July 2014,

Qingdao Industrial and Commercial Bureau
Integrity Leading Corporation of the year

Sept 2014

Qingdao Labor Union
Advanced Reading Company

Sept 2014

Qingdao Labor Union awarded
Employee Book house

Dec 2014

Qingdao Municipal Party
Love by Publicity Department

Dec 2014

awarded by Qingdao Charity Association
“Charity Leading Corporation”

6th Apr 2016

awarded National real estate
“ level 1 development certificate”

Aug 2016

Qingdao Industrial and Commercial Bureau
“Integrity Leading Corporation of the year”
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