Qingdao Sunkin Group Co., Ltd 

was found in 1995 with the location of No.218 Hei Long Jiang middle Rd, Qingdao City, founded with 220 million RMB registered capital and more than 2000 employees. There are more than 10 subsidiary companies under Sunkin group including Wyndham Qingdao, Oriental Castle, Sunkin residential service, Antai Thermal, Sunkin water supply, Xin Xing Tai construction and Run Sheng Sheng jewelry. Sunkin Group focuses on 6 major industries: real estate, shopping, property management, jewelry, finance and public utility. It is a multi-cultured company which obtained several honorable awards such as Top 100 Private Corporation in Qingdao, corporation with innovative economy in Chengyang and outstanding taxpaying award. 

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